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Welcome to Probiz, a dynamic force in the realm of association management and 360-degree marketing communication. With a rich history and a commitment to innovation, we have evolved from pioneering NGO consultancy and management services to a comprehensive marketing communication agency.

At Probiz, we envision and deliver transformative strategies, fostering creative design, orchestrating events and conferences, and facilitating meaningful engagements between non-profit entities and private/public organizations. Our journey began with strategic insights, brand development, and sponsor engagement for non-profit healthcare societies and associations. Over time, we have expanded into a comprehensive marketing communication agency.

Our commitment extends beyond conventional corporate landscapes. We believe in catalyzing positive change within the healthcare sector and beyond, aligning organizations with their broader missions while ensuring sustained growth and impact. With a global perspective and a dedication to diversity within our teams, Probiz stands as a testament to excellence and transformative innovation.

Join us in shaping the future of association management and marketing communication. At Probiz, we are not just a company; we are a dynamic force driving positive change in the realms we touch.

Strategic Planning

Embark on an innovation journey with Probiz's Strategic Planning services. In today's transformative times, traditional organizational strategies fall short in keeping pace with emerging technologies. Our service empowers your organization to explore, envision, and organize for the future. We help your senior leaders develop a profound understanding of emerging and exponential technologies and their potential impact on your organization and industry.

Creative Marketing

Elevate your brand with Probiz's Creative Marketing services. We specialize not only in crafting visually stunning stories but in exceeding your brand expectations from the very beginning. Our approach involves intentional planning and the execution of continuous support through creative communication tactics. Whether you need a single flyer for an upcoming event or a comprehensive communications campaign incorporating print, video, ground promotions, and engaging digital content, we've got you covered.

Digital Presence Development

Your digital identity is the canvas for your brand story, and Probiz is here to craft a compelling narrative. From single-page personal portfolios to dynamic start-up sites or multi-tiered, high-end platforms, we approach each project with the same heart and focus. Our expertise in designing User Journey and User Experience ensures that your online presence not only expands your business reach but also establishes credibility and engages your audience effectively.

Video Storytelling

Unleash the power of storytelling with Probiz's Video Production services. We collaborate with our clients to develop themes and messaging for their videos, whether it's a documentary piece or a graphics-infused production. From green screen to motion graphics and voiceovers, our team brings creative concepts to life, ensuring that your message resonates visually and emotionally with your audience.

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